Smart Manikin with visualized CPR
Amoul-Man AM3/AM5/AM7
Conform to the AHA & ERC guidelines Equipped with replaceable artificial lungs Voice prompt when the chest compression depth exceeds 5cm. Optional limbs make the manikin a comprehensive training solution Rechargeable lithium battery works for more than 5.5 hours Lightweight with a multipurpose carrying bag can be used as a training mat
  • Realistic & Versatile
    The Oral and nasal passages allow realistic nose pinch while providing breath.
  • Smart illuminated indicators
    The forehead illumination indicates that the blood is already reached the brain. It also indicates the compression rate & depth are as per the standard.
  • Realtime CPR Feedback System with Quality Analysis
    Real-time analytical report on smart devices can improve CPR quality by helping learners to perform chest compression at right point with correct depth & rate.
  • Eyes Opening & Closing
    Realistic eyes with opening & closing functions, help in better understanding the patient's assessment
  • Comfortable & Realistic Touch
    Amoul-man is made of SEBS Imitation leather material for comfortable compression and realistic feelings
  • Rotatable Head
    Realistic head rotation and tilt function to support a range of training.
  • BLS Training