Emergency -Transport
T7 Ventilator
  • High-end multipurpose Ventilator for rescue, ambulances, air ambulances and ICU
  • It provides invasive and non-invasive ventilation with constant oxygen flow
  • Multipurpose with Great Adoptability
    Comprehensive ventilation modes for great adaptability to all kinds of demanding clinical scenarios for wide range of patients. It can treat Infants, Pediatrics and Adults.
  • Quick Start & Ready to Move
    Easy-to-operate and ready-to-move anywhere anytime. It is compact size, can be carried with just single hand or with trolley for in-hospital or intra-hospital patients transportation. It ensures seamless respiratory support at all times.
  • Intuitive UI
    Intuitive UI design with one touch settings for infants, Pediatrics and Adults.
  • Approved for Airborne
    The first in China to RTCA/DO-160G approved for using in helicopter .
  • Rescue
  • Transportation
  • ICU
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