Semi-Automatic External Defibrillator
AED i3
  • Cardiac defibrillation standardized Biphasic Truncated Exponential (BTE) shock waveform
  • 4G module for AED data transmission (optional)
  • ERC/AHA Latest Guidelines Compliance
  • Clear voice instructions and visual guidance
  • Real-time battery status
  • Battery validity up to 5 years or 200 shocks
  • EMS Trusted AED
    Amoul® i3 is EMS trusted AED. It is easy and ready to use for the rescuers. Very clear voice instructions and visual indicators for the CPR & defibrillation available in multiple languages. Built-in ECG sensor to analyze heart rhythm of victims of sudden cardiac arrest.
  • Remote Management
    4G connectivity (Optional) provides easy device management via AED management platform. Daily self-test. Real-time data upload to the platform, convenient for remote management.
  • AED Cabinet
    Compact size wall-mounted AED cabinet provides the perfect solution for  Safety, visibility, and easy access in an emergency.
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