In Hospital

With the increasingly urgent needs of patients in the hospital, we can provide comprehensive safety solutions from the rescue transport bed to all the necessary clinical technology and equipment for rescue.

  • Multipurpose ventilator T7
    T7 integrates rescue, transport and treatment, and is suitable for critically ill patients. The rich ventilation modes include high-flow oxygen therapy, non-invasive ventilation and invasive ventilation can meet the needs of different conditions of the same patient.
  • Electric CPR E6
    Imitate external chest compressions to free the doctor's energy so that they can do more effective rescue work. One-key positioning and automatic pressing improve the rescue success rate.
  • Video Laryngoscope
    The safe operating distance and wide operating vision can effectively shorten the intubation time and facilitate teaching and scientific research.
  • Defibrillator-Monitor i6
    In the out-of-hospital and in-hospital resuscitation first aid, medical staff can continuously monitor the patient during cardiac arrest, provide emergency rescue and save lives.
  • Emergency transport bed ETB-2
    Different transport equipment can be installed according to clinical needs, and patients can be transferred safely and comfortably.