68B is the semi-digital model to provide CPAP for neonates in NICU with LED display and alarm solution. Real-time display of oxygen concentration value, airway pressure etc with OLED display screen. Rechargeable lithium battery for long time working time.
  • Excellent Design
    • LED multi-color, real-time interval color separation to display the airway pressure value. • Equipped with independent flowmeter, real-time control and monitoring of airway flow value. • Fully manufactured by CNC precision processing technology.
  • Safe & Reliable
    • Oxygen concentration range (21%~100%) is precisely adjustable. • Flow rate 1~10LPM (20LPM optional) adjustment. • Rechargeable lithium battery, continuous use time ≥8 hours. •Air and oxygen source supply pressure difference buzzer alarm. • One-key setting of pressure and oxygen concentration alarm, timely and accurate. • Ensure patient safety.
  • NICU
  • PICU