Amoul Video Laryngoscope
The display screen is reinforced with anti-shatter protection No cross infection with disposable blades Vacuum packed disposable blades Anti-Fog lens, Anti-Microbial handle 316 Medical stainless steel reusable blades have the advantages of high flexure strength Bypassing through waterproof grade IPX8 testing, it can use deep water immersion disinfection Lightweight & Portable One-Shot button for recording
  • Safe
    • The display screen is designed with shatterproof protection material; the handle adopts Anti-bacterial design. • The disposable lens adopts sterile packaging to improve safety and prevent cross infection. • The repetitive lens is made of unique 316 medical stainless steel, extremely high bending strength, no risk of breaking, IPX8 waterproof level test, can be deep-water immersion disinfection.
  • Fast & Ready to Use
    Tube can be inserted after turning on the Laryngoscope, the lens adopts a unique anti-fog design , no need preheating, saving time for emergency intubation surgery, able to quickly set the lense specifications.
  • HD Display
    High-Definition 3.5 inch anti-reflective display with full view has the high performance visualization AVL capabilities for every intubation. The incidence of unsuspected difficult intubation is estimated to be higher at 3%. 2 Mega pixel CMOS camera offer Full Viewing angle, no glare display, improved observation angle with a wide view, eliminates blind spots.
  • ICU
  • Critical Care
  • Rescue