nCPAP is mainly used in neonatology and pediatrics departments. It can provide safe and controllable respiratory support treatment for newborns & infants. It helps to reduce  complications and effectively reverse the development of children's conditions. nCPAP can maintain continuous positive airway pressure, increase functional residual capacity, expand alveoli, reduces intrapulmonary shunt, improve ventilation/blood flow ratio and as result, improves oxygenation. At the same time it can also reduce the collapse of the upper airway and the small airway, reduce the airway resistance and reduces the extra work for breathing.

  • 68B
    Provide continuous positive pressure ventilation support and oxygen inhalation for newborns and children, equipped with world-famous brand sensors, European professional air pressure valves, oxygen concentration adjustment, flow adjustment, and digital pressure monitoring.
  • 68C
    nCPAP ventilation can greatly increase the discharge rate of children. Compared with ordinary ventilation, the treatment effect is significantly improved. It has the advantages of less complications and non-invasive. The built-in integrated pressure generator makes the pressure control more precise.