Emergency Care

Pre-hospital refers to First Aid for critically ill patients outside the hospital. Amoul® Technology offers intelligent 5G+ enabled devices, applicable to pre-hospital emergency multi-scenarios. For patients with dyspnea, the artificial airway can be established quickly and accurately, mechanical ventilation can be started quickly to ensure the ventilation of patient. For the patients with chest pain and myocardial infarction, timely diagnosis and differential diagnosis can turn on the green channel and gains time for patients' lives. For patients with cardiac arrest, rapid defibrillation, high-quality CPR and effective ventilation can be performed to improve the recovery rate of patients' spontaneous circulation and the quality of life. Amoul® solutions comprehensively improve the capacity of pre-hospital medical emergency services and gain valuable time for the post hospital treatment.

  • Electric Suction Unit
    High vacuum. large flow oil-free vacuum membrane pump, air filter, Overflow protection, low noise, continuous negative pressure adjustment
  • Pre-Hospital Rescue AII6000B/ AII6000B Plus
    It is a pneumatically-driven electrically controlled Ventilator. It features a wireless function which allows to remotely operate the ventilator from outside intensive care rooms of patients with infectious diseases like COVID-19.
  • 5G Emergency Transport Ventilator
    Amoul® T5 Ventilator is a multipurpose ventilator with optional 5G connectivity. Its suitable for rescue, transport and ICU. It provides invasive and non-invasive ventilation with contestant Oxygen flow. Range of ventilation modes for great adaptability to all kinds of demanding clinical scenarios.
  • Defibrillator Monitor i6
    During cardiac arrest First aid resuscitation In or Out of the hospital, the medical staff can provide emergency rescue CPR and can continuously monitor the patient's status to save lives.

  • Video Laryngoscope
    Safe operation and wide & clear High-Definition view can effectively shorten the intubation time.