Public Safety

Cardiac arrest is a kind of acute and critical illness that may occur at any time and any place. It is sudden, unpredictable and time-dependent. In order to promote the national strategy of first aid for all, strengthen public first aid training, establish a multi-level open first aid dispatch system and implement the "Golden 4 Minutes" principle. The automatic external defibrillator AED  developed by Amoul® has advanced ECG analysis, defibrillation and CPR quality feedback technology (metronome guidance), which can be reasonably arranged in a wide range. Multi-channel platform coverage can effectively shorten the time to obtain AED, improve its usage efficiency, and significantly improve the Return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) of the patient.

  • AED i3
    AED for early defibrillation of patients with cardiac arrest. Suitable for non-medical workers, ordinary people can operate and use after training.
  • Life Support Training
    CPR training model person with visual blood circulation system, through the study of Amoul man model person, students can quickly master the correct and high-quality CPR.