ICU - Transport Ventilator
All-in-one ventilator for intensivecare units and transport A minimum tidal volume of 2 ml Work for all patient groups like adults, pediatrics, and neonates Invasive and non-invasive ventilation Pre-hospital and Intra-hospital Transport.
  • Compact Design
    It is battery-operated and lightweight, making it easy to carry and move from one place to another within or outside the hospital. This compact turbine-driven ventilator can provide high pneumatic power without a gas supply.
  • Comprehensive
    Amoul®T6 is designed for all application scenarios, whether at the scene of an emergency, ICU, EICU, NICU, recovery room, operating room, intra-hospital, and inter-hospital emergency transport, etc. Rugged and durable, an ideal choice for extreme environments like shocks, vibrations, rain, and dust.
  • Smart & Intelligent
    T6 combines reliability, compact size, and high performance with invasive & non-invasive modes that support advanced lung-protective strategies like dynamic lung, lung recruitment maneuver, and P-V tool. It is the ideal choice for transporting ventilated patients to the ICU department.
  • Smart CPR Mode
    The innovated CPR mode gives step-by-step audible and visual instructions for performing CPR and breathing as per AHA & ERC's latest guidelines. This function is unique and is exclusively integrated with the Amoul® ventilators.
  • Fully Portable
    The trolley is designed to easily hold or move the ventilator and accessories, including oxygen cylinders, a humidifier, a circuit support arm, and breathing circuits. This comprehensive all-in-one solution provides great convenience and ease of use when ventilating and moving patients.
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  • ICU
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