Nitrous Oxide Sedation
Easy operation Elegant trolly to make the cylinders invisible Safe: fail-safe system, oxygen flush button, Emergency air valve, pressure gauge on the Panel and alarm system
  • Widely Recognized & Trusted
    Optional gas flow controller, visual display of total gas flow, Optional T-type safety valve, the air supply can be started when there is an air supply failure. The effectiveness and Safety is widely recognized , after the clinical verification by hundreds of well-known hospitals,
  • Safe & Worry Free
    The concentration of nitrous oxide is adjustable from 0-70%, and the oxygen concentration is always not less than 30%, which is safe and reliable. Gas safety alarm, once the oxygen is short, the supply of laughing gas will be automatically interrupted and an alarm will sound. The whole machine adopts pneumatic air control technology without any power supply, strictly avoiding the high risk caused by the mixed cross installation of power supply and high-pressure gas